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1) Sign Up & Create An Album


Sign up for a package and create an album. Every album has a unique album code that you choose, so guests can pick which albums they want to upload pictures to.

You can create different album for different occasions such as bridal shower, bachelorette (secret album), Bar and Bat Mitzvahs, company event, or any sort of group gathering.
2) Receive 200 Adorable Instruction Cards for Your Guests


You will receive 200 customized instruction cards to let your guests know how to download the app and join your wedding album. Many couples include these cards in their invitation cards.

Be sure to share your album code because this will be the code that guests use to join your album. Since each album has its own album code, you can decide who to invite to each album. For example, you might not want to share your album code for your Bachelorette Party. 

You'll have your choice of photo for the front side of the cards and your album code on the back (e.g. AshleyAdam2014).

You can also tell your friends by sending them a Facebook message or email.
You can also include this information on your wedding website.
3) Guests download the FREE iPhone or Android App 
& Enter Your Albumcode
4) Guests can Simply Add Photos AND Videos 
Take Photos Through the App or Add Photos from Your Gallery
After guests download the iPhone or Android app, all they have to do is enter the album code and start taking photos.
If you're having a destination wedding, no worries! The application works without connection and guests can choose between various photo filters.

Guests can choose between various photo filters such as 'Vignette' and 'Antique' after they've taken photos to make them even more unique.
Unlimited PHOTOS and VIDEOS (NEW!)
Our popular apps and website make it simple for guests to capture every moment on your special day.
Windows or Blackberry phone? Email Your Photos to The Album!
Your Windows & Blackberry friends can easily email the photos to your album. 
Every album has a unique email address where any photo emailed to that address will be automatically added to that album!
Digital Camera? We got you Covered!
You can add your digital cameras by visiting your album through our website. 

Bonus 1)  Your Guests' Photos LIVE on a Screen During Your Event!  (NEW)


Our Live Moderated Slideshow lets you and your guests see all the memories taken by your guests through a projector or screen. One by one, each picture will be projected on the screen and then smoothly transition to the next photo.
Our team of professional moderators will remotely moderate all the photos for up to 6 hours during your slideshow to ensure that all the photos shown on the screen are appropriate.

**Crystal Entertainment can provide the projector & screen or monitor for an additional fee.
Bonus 2)  Have an Instagram or Twitter Hashtag?  (NEW)
Give us your Hashtag and we automatically collect all the photos on Instagram & Twitter with your Hashtag and add them to your album.