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Whether you want one or two cameras to capture the entire story as it happens, our videographers will be with you every step of the way!
From rehearsal dinner to the end of your reception, they will create a lifetime story for you to cherish, re-live, and share forever!
For a flat rate your videographer will:
  • attend your rehearsal - strategically planning camera placement, greeting the "key" participants in the bridal party and family, etc.
  • provide two cameras - one dedicated to each the bride and groom, starting with prep on the wedding day and staying throughout the entire event
  • provide unlimited hours the day of your reception - from make-up and hair to the ceremony, bridal party introduction to the end of your reception!
  • edit your day into a story - the edited copy will tell the story of your day, from start to finish, usually resulting in a 90-120 minute story of your wedding day
  • provide 5 Standard DVDs of the finished video (optional digital copies and BlueRay discs available) to be delivered 4-6 weeks after the wedding.
We can also:
  • Provide "Your Story"  - Our videographers come to your home (or select destination of your choosing) six to eight weeks before the wedding day to "interview" the bride and groom both together and separately to hear things like how you met, learning about the proposal, reasons why you are looking forward to being married to the other person, interesting things to share with the guests to learn more about the new couple! This video is usually shown during dinner.
A compilation of wedding clips and sample videos coming soon!
Let us know how you envision your day and we'll help create a unique and special record of your once in a lifetime experience!